We heard there’s a massive sailboat wreck in Raiatea, so we’re sailing over to SCUBA Dive it.
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We drop the mooring ball in Tahaa and sail over to Raiatea for a stunning anchorage on the sandbar. We’ve come for a 119 year old sailboat wreck that’s supposed to be perfectly preserved in the deep water of the lagoon.

While we’re here this is also the most popular haul-out and boat yard in all of Tahiti and French Polynesia. We decide to go on a hunt for a new water pump so we can repair our broken watermaker.

Stick around to the end, the sunset it stunning!

It’s a full day of quintessential Boat Life. Glad to have you along for the adventure with us.

Shared with LOVE  from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa

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