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#61 DIY Grit blasting the bilge

In this episode I experiment with using an air compressor for sand blasting the bilge - in the hope to easily knock the flow...

#60 Plastic V Stainless Steel Fuel tank?

Lots going on in this vid. I bite off more than I can chew, look at some new options for scuppers, start to make...

#59 Cutting the fuel tank from the bilge

In this update I get around to the much awaited task of cutting the fuel tank from the bilge and removing it from the...

#57 – Cockpit area repairs and Dorade vents

In this update I find a few more repairs around the cockpit that need work. And Rob gets his spray gun out to spray...

#56 time to finish this beast!

Well after three months away I am back and trying to remember where I left everything! This welcome back episode features a new tool...

#55 last update for now

This is the last update I can do for some time. I need to put the project on hold whilst I sort out other...

#54 Putting down primer

In this update finally I get to put primer down on the hull and see some real progress at last. I also open up...

#53 final work before priming

In this update I finish getting the hull ready for primer, and am waiting for the primer to arrive. I come up with a...

#52 closing thru hulls part two

In this update I finish up closing over the thru Hull and speaker cut outs in the cockpit. I finish the core and laminate...

#51 Closing thru hulls and other unwanted holes

In this update I re-do the entire toe rail radius, as I wasn't happy with the first attempt. I create a DIY heating solution...


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