The debauchery continues with SV DELOS crew, SSL, and DRENCHED DIVING! This day we go for a beautiful sail on the South coast of Grenada as we move to Secret Harbour in Mt Hartman Bay.. lots of fun along the way, and DELOS Crew learns what a Full Moon by daylight is! Lol

John Wiles was our latest Patron invited to come aboard ‘SOPHISTICATED LADY’ and arrives all the way from North Carolina to pick up his new Caribbean Pirate flag that we retired from SOPHISTICATED LADY for him, after it flew in our rigging for over a month in the Caribbean breeze… Great to see you John, and thanks for coming!

That afternoon is spent diving with Nate and Jordan of DRENCHED DIVING, and then back for an evening BBQ on SOPHISTICATED LADY with all crew from SSL, SV DELOS, and DRENCHED DIVING.. What an awesome day!

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