Hallberg Rassy 312 Refit Project
for you the new video even if I was late.
I was very busy this weekend working from 7:00 am until 24:00 in the night…😬😉 I was not able to edit the video for Sunday as I usually do but I only do it tonight, I am working hard on the restructuring of the boat and in this video the complete operation of the reconstruction of the engine cover and the much nicer finer entry ladder!
All this is possible thanks to Franco and I will never cease to thank him!
if yuo likes the video leave a👍♥😀 and I wait for many comments Thanks for waiting me
a hug Gabriele

➡️Many thanks to Toptech Solution and Franco for his immense support and sponsor me:

➡️Many thank to Stefano Moretti & Luca Caironi of Lineastem for support and sponsor me, if you need a new teak deck do not hesitate to get in contact ,they have excellent prices and professionalism at the top, here the website link and contact infos:

➡️Many thanks to Ennio Prase owner of Prase Media Technologies distributes products for the audio, video and digital signage sectors in Italy include Shure Mics and many other top products, check it out..

➡️Thanks for support me and my project also to:
Joakim of Batsystem for light and electric stuff:

➡️Many Thanks to Stefano Finco owner of Armare Ropes and Tiziano, among the leading companies in the sector of nautical ropes, offering a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products.check it out!!

➡️For epoxy resin and all stuff related Mr. Marco Cecchi, a master of knowledge and best products around!!

➡️For all related to sanding… the best products around check it out:

➡️For spare parts for my Hallberg Rassy… thank to Ludwig at Hallberg rassy Parts!

➡️And off course many thank to Marco Potente, to give the permission to use his music in my videos. He is probably one of the most talented musician and producer 🎸 !!.
I will forward the website where you can download the tracks for your videos or project. Stay tuned!


➡️ About ®Sea4See – Official: Sea4See ⛵ was created with an aim to share my sailing life experiences and knowledge, especially restructuring sailboats. In my youth I worked in a factory where they built kayaks made by fiberglass so.. learn a lot regarding. In my off days from work, I have worked for a long time in a shipyard, further benefiting my knowledge and enhancing my sailing, boat maintenance skills. Today through my sailing vlogs on YouTube, I want to share my sailing stories, sailing lifestyle videos, sailing adventure with all of you. I love working on boats because i belive that all boats have a soul…
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➡️ About Gabriele: Hello friends my name is Gabriele and I am an offshore Yachtmaster. A yachtsman who is passionate about everything related to the sea and sailing lifestyle. After having sailed in the various seas of the world, I bought my first boat and then refit her and later I left for a sabbatical year sailing through the islands of the Mediterranean. I am passionate about DIY in sailing boats and now after selling Dreamer which was my first boat, I am restoring “Ellös” a Hallberg – Rassy 312 that will take me back to the seas of the world..
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➡️ About My Boats: The Hallberg – Rassy 312 was built for fifteen years between 1979 and 1993. Totally 690 boats were built during this time period. The HR 312 was a very popular model. Until 1986 the Hallberg – Rassy 312 Mark I was built, with the portlights in the blue stripe in the hull and with or without quarter berth. Models without quarter berth had an extra cockpit locker on starboard.
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