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#55 last update for now

This is the last update I can do for some time. I need to put the project on hold whilst I sort out other...

#54 Putting down primer

In this update finally I get to put primer down on the hull and see some real progress at last. I also open up...

#53 final work before priming

In this update I finish getting the hull ready for primer, and am waiting for the primer to arrive. I come up with a...

#52 closing thru hulls part two

In this update I finish up closing over the thru Hull and speaker cut outs in the cockpit. I finish the core and laminate...

#51 Closing thru hulls and other unwanted holes

In this update I re-do the entire toe rail radius, as I wasn't happy with the first attempt. I create a DIY heating solution...

#50 using a laser to strike the waterline

There's quite a lot going on in this update as I move closer to painting Wanda. I spend some time levelling the boat, and...

#49 repairing the mast step

There is lots to catch up on for this first update for the year. I am getting close to the stage where I can...

#48 Engine lift, more troubles?

Happy Christmas all! In this update I get the engine lifted out and ready for inspection. I also do some tests to determine the...

#47 preparing for painting

Now the deck work is finished I can get on to the next part of the project; detailed sanding and preparation for painting. Im...

#46 I have a new deck!

Finally I can say that the deck replacement project is finished - and I do a breakdown of the costs over the past few...


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