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AIS Apps: the pros and the cons

Duncan Kent explains how to choose an AIS app you can rely on at sea There are many marine navigation apps available for both Android...

Getting to Grips with Winch Handles

A winch handle is just a winch handle - right? It's true, but when buying a new one, there are a few things you need to consider.

Cleats, Clutches and Jammers

The following guide will examine cleats, clutches and jammers in turn, to enable you to determine the best option for securely holding a line on your boat.

How to choose the right propeller for your boat

For optimum performance and fuel efficiency under engine, it’s important to have the right propeller on your boat. Tony Davies reports Understanding propeller design can...

A guide to aluminium anodes

Protecting your boat from corrosion is something we all have to do, but what are the implications of switching to aluminium? Vyv Cox explains...

Spinlock VITO lifejacket at Clipper Race event

For the first time, the crew were able to try on the lifejackets they will be wearing around the world, and seek advice from Spinlock's Product Manager Myles Uren, and Marketing and Sales Manager, James Hall.

Wetsuit Shop at Trident-UK

Gill Race FireCell Skiff Suit was £175 now £140. Magic Marine Ultimate Vest Long Sleeve 3mm Neoprene was £104.99 now £89.25. And many more reduced prices!

Cleaner boats and cleaner oceans

Marine 16, the supplier of products to maintain your boat inside and out, have developed the Zer0 Plastic range of cleaning products to help you save space and money, as well as plastic and chemical pollutants in our oceans. Zer0 Plastic is a range of three products, which together can clean 95% of your vessel. [...] This post was originally sourced from Classic Sailor and can be directly viewed here.

Explore the Spinlock Rope Clutch Range

Exploring the Spinlock range, the XAS rope clutch is a multi-role clutch with excellent performance across a wide rope range. It comes in two sizes: 4mm – 8mm, which has a maximum load of 400KG, and 6mm – 12mm, which has a maximum load of 575KG.

Improved Zhik Deck Shorts for hours afloat

Zhik's new, improved technical Deck Shorts are for sailors putting in the hours afloat. Whether cruising or racing for long hours, your shorts need to be comfortable, unrestricting and able to deflect water.


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