80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston episode 5

MS Amlin Yacht – Episode 5 of ’80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’ – Damage to the Environment

by Chris Jones 20 Jul 13:00 BST

80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox Johnston © MS Amlin

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Dee Caffari look at how the environment at sea has been damaged over the past 50 years in Episode 5 of 80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Anyone who spends time at the coast will understand the level of pollution in the sea. Plastic is everywhere and has become a huge issue affecting the aesthetics of the coastal environment, wildlife’s habitats and contaminating the food chain.

However, 50 years ago plastic was just becoming a main stream construction material, so the ocean environment was fundamentally different. How has Robin seen this change and what does he think the major cause of plastic pollution in the sea is? What should the world be doing to resolve the current mess we find ourselves in?

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